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Who we are

This project's members consist of people from a wide range of fields. We have people from web hosting services and developers of e-business applications to academic and research staff and students.

All of the people involved in this project have found that the Tomcat server is suited to their needs or that of their company's and are committed to improving the documentation for Tomcat so that its full benefits can be exploited by all people with a diverse range of experience. This book will enable administrator's to implement a reliable and secure system for web development and provide developers with the insight needed to convert to JSP and Servlets using the Tomcat server. It will bring Tomcat into the reach of people with a basic knowledge of Servlet containers and those of only limited administative experience.

We all hope that you find this resource useful and would welcome comments and suggestions as to how we could improve or expand upon material covered in this book.

A current list of all members on sourceforge can be found at

A current list of authors detailing their chapters can be found on the book online page.
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